Is Stiffness Or Pain In Your Feet, Knees, Hips Or Lower Back Keeping You From Living The Active Life You Want To Live?


This Unique System is So Effective That If You Don't Feel Stronger and Lighter on Your Feet
After Just Seven Days, I’ll Pay You $500

What Others Say About The Program

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“This will stay with me
for life!”

"Greg helped me to recover from a sports injury by teaching me the natural movements of the body and the foundations of balance and stability. This will stay with me for life." 


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"Greg's approach is different to most physios"

I couldn't believe the change in my pain AND running form - I still can't. Greg's approach is different to most physios, it changes the way we live and move and therefore once the pain goes away, it doesn't come back. My posture has changed, my gait has changed, my running form has changed and my understanding of my movement has changed 


This program offers information in relation to breathing, mobility and strength training and is designed for educational purposes only. It is not suitable as a substitute for professional medical advice.

If you experience any of the following while doing this program you should stop immediately: Faintness, Dizziness, Sharp Pain, Shortness of breath